1965/72 FORD Master Parts and Accessories Cataogue

This Ford Car Master Parts Catalog contains parts Illustrations for Bronco, Fairlane/Torlno, Falcon, Ford, Maverick, Mustang, Pinto and Thunderblrd for model years 1965 to 1972 for U. S. and Canadian built vehicles.
Use this Illustration Catalog in conjunction with the Text Catalog, form FP 7635-A.
For greater convenience this catalog is divided into specific sections, such as brakes, iront suspension, engine, transmission, etc. For example, FRONT SUSPENSION appears in Section 30, STEERING in Section 35, REAR AXLE in Section 40, etc.
A separate catalog which contains the text or descriptive Information for the same model year Is available as form FP 7635-A. The Text Catalog is divided Into sections also and like parts are shown under similar section numbers in both the Text and Illustration Catalogs.
A listing of Ford group numbers and their related section numbers appears in the General Information Section of the Text Catalog, form FP 7635-A.
Illustrations contain group numbers only, therefore, it is necessary to refer to the group within the text catalog listing for complete applicable part number.
The driver’s side is the left hand side of the vehicle and determines whether such parts as fenders, lamps, etc. are right or left hand.
Model year application is indicated by showing the first year followed by a diagonal line to indicate continued usage tn all subsequent years until the insertion of the last year of usage, which is show n after the diagonal line. If no diagonal line is shown the part ts applicable only to the year shown…

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