Use the program, Passing-by-Value Ex5_02 and Ex5_07 Solution

Basic C++ Application

This is a very simple C++ Application, but must follow the guidelines below.

The text excerpts are available to be downloaded at the two links below (for where the pages references are).

Please note that the program must be zipped and contain all necessary files, not just the code. I will need to open the full program and test it in VISUAL BASIC C++.

Here is the assignment:
Use the program, Passing-by-Value, on pp. 261 of the text and the program, Passing-by-Reference, on pp. 268 as a starting point for this assignment.
Write a similar program, but change the code to pass two variables to the function call rather than one.

Answer the following questions after completing both programs:
• What is the purpose of the function header?
• How may you identify the body of a function?
• What does the return statement do?
NOTE: Do not combine these programs into one program!
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