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You want to give an insight to your project with every detail? Present your team, as well as varying content, including images and videos? You need to get your full-featured website online on-the-fly? We got your back! A multi-functional onepager theme for Kirby CMS, a file based Content Management System. Everything can be created, modified and deleted from the panel, the administration part of the CMS.

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You can manage your site by using the pre-configured basic page, containing mutliple content elements:

  • an "About" section (full-width), which could also be used for any kind of image/text combination
  • an "Presenter" section (shrinked, centered), which could also be used for any kind of image/text combination
  • an "Action" area, containing image, description and a button for your "call to action"
  • an "Imagebar", which is a full-width container with a full-width background image and a text, to highlight a certain information
  • a "Portfolio" Section for your products / projects / items, which you can add as single items¬†
  • a "Servicebar" section containing icon / text combinations to present the services you offer
  • a "Showroom" Section, where you can present the textual or mutlimedia work of your single team members or give insights into your sub-projects
  • a "Team" Section to present the persons making your success possible
  • a Contact section, containing a contact form and multiple contact informations as well as social media contact elements

or you can even disable the onepager mode and use all of the content element types as single pages as well as you can always add single static pages if you want to have additional content extending your onepager home site.You could also use the portfolio to present nearly anything else. 
Photographs? Blog Articles? Events? Reviews? - We've got you covered.
No need for a developer, no need for an expert, you can create and modify the site on your own.
The docs will set you up with everything you need from the start to get the theme up and running. In addition we added some sample content to give you a head-start on the structure.And like all of our other themes, this one is responsive too, of course!
Let us know if you've got any issues feedback for us and we will get back to you in no time!

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