Love Peace and Music for Christmas - Sheet Music Album only - (NO audio or backing tracks)

From composer Chris Lawry, Love Peace and Music for Christmas features 12 beautiful new songs for Christmas, a mix of solos, duets, choir, children's, and congregational worship; reflective and inspirational music for flexible ensemble.
To coincide with the release there is also a 13 track CD available seperately.

The Score is 118 pages. It contains standard piano and vocal sheet music for each track, plus lyric sheets, lyrics with guitar chords and also the melodic parts in C, Bb and Eb for use with flexible ensembles.


Love Peace and Music
Keep Christmastime in Mind
One Holy Child
Carolling, Carolling
A Knock at the Door
Why do Bells for Christmas Ring?
I Saw an Angel!
I Heard the Bells for Christmas Day
A Coventry Carol
Sleep Happy Child
The Pauper's Carol
Under the Star
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