PM4799 Week 3 Analysis 3.1 - Scheduling Project Activities

Assume that you were assigned the Project Manager role in March for implementing off-site training for five members of the Product Innovation team. The training must be completed by the end of May. R&D Consulting Firm has been awarded the contract to conduct the training at its training facility in Chicago, but the innovation team’s home office is in Atlanta. So far, only funding for the consulting firm’s training fees has been approved.

To ensure that the training goes smoothly and to manage the project activities and all the resources involved, develop a high-level project schedule using MS Project. In your schedule, identify the milestones and assign durations to tasks. Be sure to assign the resources and identify task dependencies. The project should have an Initiation phase, a Planning phase, and an Execution phase.

Submission Requirements:

•    Submit the schedule upon completion. Ensure that you have correctly named the Microsoft Project file as .

•    Ensure that the file size of the document does not exceed 1 MB. If it does, compress the file by using a compression software program before submitting the file.

•    Zip your file using the default compression utility. To zip your document, right-click the file, bring your mouse cursor over Send To, and click Compressed (zipped) File. Submit the zipped file to your instructor as an attachment through the Questa Learning Plan.
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