4 Portal Colorful Hub

This is a non-exclusive server hub. If you purchase this build, you agree to the terms of use. I tried to include a lot of color in the build in order to make it pop. There are several tower-like structures, one which players can spawn in. There are also four large portals easily accessible from the central spawn point. I left a lot of open room for things such as parkour, NPCs, or whatever else you can think of. The dimensions of this hub are roughly 300x300. By purchasing this build, you will recieve a world file. The coordinated of the build are 0, 10, 0. View a full album of the build, including proof of ownership here- http://imgur.com/a/WwqpC )

Terms of use-
- You may not take credit for this build as your own (All credit goes to me, Ichar)
- You may not resell this build as your own
- You may modify this build, but you may not redistribute modified versions, or any portions of this build as your own
- You agree to the terms of use by purchasing this build
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