UE4 Jetpack TPS Ultimate

Updated To Unreal Engine v4.18

New Video Overview Uploaded For Current Features

**Price Is Subject To Change As More Features Are Added**

**Regardless Of Purchase Price, All Previous Customers Will Get The Newest Versions For No Extra Charge So Buy In Early!**

This is a generic version of the game I am building. This is a objective based capture the flag steam multiplayer template. It is setup for 2 teams with up to 5 players per team to host a game on steam and play objective based capture the flag pvp.

It contains all the animations/assets from my UE4 Jetpack Anim Set Ultimate, as well as all the mechanics/assets from my UE4 Jetpack TPS Basic.

It will also contain all of the same mechanics as the game I am building, as the mechanics are created for my game they all will be added to this template.

**This is going to be a rolling WIP as I build my game**

More Info Coming Soon™
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