Roomy Ludwig LM400 & 70s Ludwig Kick Sample Pack

The Drums:

This was my first time trying out a Ludwig LM400 and I am so impressed by it that i'm going to have to buy one for myself. This thing has a tonne of snap and despite only being five inches deep retains a good amount of body, making it perfect for a natural drum sound in aggresive punk and rock mixes. The bottom head is totally cranked and the top head is tuned to a D and dampened with a snareweight and a tiny bit of moongel to control resonances and focus the tone.

The vintage Ludwig kick is great in this application too due to it having a huge, bloomy bottom end because of it's 24inch size and quick, snappy upper midrange. 

The Samples:

The samples i've provided are taken right from the drum mix from the record, so they're both 100% mix ready. I've included a load of the room sound that I recorded using a number of microphones in both samples, as well as the snappy close microphone sound, too. As the room is fairly small it doesn't have the longest decay ever, but it gives them a real sense of space and helps them slot into a mix context really well to reinforce the drum sounds you already have in a super natural sounding way!

Both samples come as .tci files for use in Slate Trigger, and as individual 24bit/44.1Khz .wav files (37 hits from super soft to super hard on the snare, and 14 hard hits on the kick).

In the example above the only thing playing is the kick and snare samples with overheads for context.

I'm super happy with how these samples have slotted into my mix, I hope you do too!

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