Karissah's Hair Play - Slicked Hair and Dryer Time - VOD Digital Video on Demand

There's been several requests for a video where the model's hair is slicked back in several ways using Brylcreem, so that is what this video features. Karissah, who is wearing a retro bikini and stockings, first has the neck strip wrapped around her neck before the barber draps a leopard-print cape over her. The barber chair is reclined back for a quick hair washing before her hair is briefly dried with a towel, and her hair slicked back in several ways and styles, such as the 'duck tail', with Brylcreem. Next, 1920's fingerwaving clamps are placed into Karissah's hair, and the cape replaced with a white lacy comb-out cape. Ear protectors cover her ears, and she sits until the hair dryer for a bit over 30 minutes. At one point, Karissah is looking very warm, so the cape is removed. Soon the baking time is up, a pinstriped cape covers her, and the clamps are removed, resulting in a nice fingerwaved style. A note about this video - it has okay sound quality. Unfortunately, the air conditioner was turned on, as this video was shot in summer. Duration: 63 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format: .wmv
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