CFO and its aspects

I need you to describe following points for me. There are 4 points and each one has to have one page and a half, therefore I chose 6 pages.

1. Job description of CFO position.

I need you to describe what a CFO position person does, his requirements and responsibilities etc. You have to choose a company. Choose any company as far as you have something to describe the position of a CFO in that particular company.

2. Vacancy announcement (for CFO position)

For this point I need you to describe a vacancy announcement for a CFO position when it opens. What does a vacancy announcement have in it for CFO to have? Their requirements, previous experience etc. In general explain the vacancy announcement requirements for CFO position.

3. Performance evaluation management:
3.1 system and implementation
3.2 form
3.3 improvement

These points offer the evaluation techniques to evaluate performance of CFOs. So, you need to describe each evaluation method and how it is used for CFOs.

4. Build competitive incentive plan.
Describe this point in general, and then build competitive incentive plan specifically for CFOs.
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