Behavioral ethics

Basing on the videos pointed out in the paper, many of the respondents have the same views from different perspectives as far as ethical behavior is concerned (Hjorth, 2015). Like a vast number of individuals, I also do agree that my stable and strong moral beliefs can only be altered by reasoned arguments as well as new evidence. There comes to a point whereby the environmental pressure drives the high moral beliefs to be changed automatically. One may have a strong belief in his or her ethical decisions but he or she may not be in a position to figure out how they have changed the moment the person interacts with different characters (UT Mc Combs School of Business (Aug 18, 2012). Different pressures will alter one’s ethical belief on decisions including organizational pressure and social pressure (Peacock, 2010). For instance, many a times one may want to fit in an organization but due to his or her ethical belief, it may be disturbing to assimilate with the group, be it at workplace or school. For instance, there are some unethical activities that the organization might have in their curriculum activities that one must adapt to fit in. On the other hand, social pressure like is of great influence on altering one’s self-centered strong ethical decision. For instance, in the college, a new student fresh from high school has no choice but to adopt to the unruly behaviors of the other college comrades to survive. The characters will be assimilated in one’s mind as time moves since the proofs to the decisions are considered to be right whereas they are wrong.
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