prime suspect vinyl sample pack

Sample pack contains over 141 WAV files sampled directly from my an assortment of records from my personal collection of vinyl. No other processing done, these are raw with some dirt and crackle on some of them, perfect for lofi or hip hop beats.


- 29 snares
- 20 kicks
- 15 hats
- 2 claps + snaps
- 7 toms + other drums
- 8 perc
- 21 drum breaks + fills
- 26 instrument riffs + loops
- 7 vocal
- 6 FX

Sounds were sampled from over 30 different records of various genres: jazz, soul, rock, pop you name it. All from the 80s or older. More than just drums too, you can make entire sampled beats with just this pack using the instrument riffs + loops and vocal sounds with the drums. A lot of classic sounds with that vinyl warmth and grit! Raw, so you can add your own processing. Perfect for boombap, lofi hip hop beats!
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