Red's 2017 Editing Pack

Red's 2017 Editing Pack

This is my 2017 editing pack!

In here I included everything i use or have used in the past. I really hope you can find some use out of this pack and improve on your edits!

I feel that $20 is a fair price given how much time has been put into this pack, the project files themselves would make up the 3/4 of the pack if you were to purchase everything alone, and I have included so much more than just that. 


- Clips i really enjoyed editing

- CFG's for Black Ops 2 that i use often 

- Stock images I've found useful as well as many extras that may be useful to you

- Stock footage made specifically for this pack

- The original, unedited gunsounds i use the most as well as some bonus sounds

- Three project files 

   - Delta:
   - Vicious:
   - Axel:

By purchasing this pack you agree not to redistribute it or any of the content provided. 

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a DM on twitter @RedVFX_
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