Assignment 9 Scripts Solution

Script 1

Create an HTML page that alerts the user of the share the browser they are using based on the September 2015 statistics published by StatCounter (Download data to see statistics). An example of the alert is "The xxxxxxx browser has a yy% market share." where xxxxxxx is the browser being used to view the page and yy is the share per StatCounter.

Script 2

Create an HTML page containing a form that contains a set of checkboxes with different types of coffees (espresso, cappuccino, mocha, and so on). Ask the user for his or her name and room number and to select a type of coffee. Tell the user you will be sending the coffee to that room number. Create a cookie to remember the user’s preference. The next time the user brings up the page, tell him or her there is a special rate for his or her (use the cookie value) last ordered coffee.

Script 3

Create a form that asks for the user’s shipping address. The next time the user brings up the page, fill in the address using a cookie value.

Zip the files created into a zip file called and submit the zip file.

Your assignment grade will be based on correctness of JavaScript code, readability of the Javascript code, code comments and final HTML page layout.
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