ENG 215 Week 3 Prewriting, Outline, and Thesis Statement Worksheet


 ENG 215 Week 3 Prewriting, Outline, and Thesis Statement Worksheet

For your reader or audience to be persuaded by your argument, you must show that you know your subject. A great paper, or argument, begins with a working thesis statement that will drive your topic and support your arguments. A “working” thesis means that the thesis is still rough, and that you may make some changes based on the research you find for support. Therefore, as you conduct more research and formulate ideas, it is important to keep an open mind and to revise your argument, or thesis, as your research progresses. Your thesis contains the main claim, or argument, that you will make. Typically, a thesis is stated as a single sentence, and it also provides an answer to your research question.

Review the reading from this week.

Complete the Prewriting Worksheet as a way to help you organize your thoughts about your argument as your prepare for your Week 4 draft and Week 5 final paper.

Use complete sentences and source information with the outline (in-text citations).

Submit your worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.
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