German on Holiday

This is a modern course for independent learning by listening, which quickly and effectively prepares you for going on holiday. The main aim of the course is to break down the barrier in speaking and to master the vocabulary required in various situations on holiday. The course was recorded by native speakers and it teaches the authentic language used in everyday conversations.
All the words and expressions have been recorded with their translations, which makes it easier to use the course and to master and consolidate the vocabulary. The new material in each lesson appears again in speaking exercises which test the mastery of the material. This is effective learning which is easy and accessible to everyone.

The course is available in the mp3 version. A Reading Booklet to be used with the audio lessons is included in PDF format.

Duration: 1 hours 28 minutes

Each lesson contains:
Listen - a dialogue introducing the subject of the lesson;
Repeat - the words and expressions necessary to conduct a conversation; repetition and consolidation of whole sentences and questions in various situations;
Speak - answers to questions and independent formation of sentences and questions in accordance with the teacher's instructions.

Course material:

1. At the airport
2. At the station
3. Travelling by car
4. Booking a room
5. At the reception
6. Renting a holiday apartment
7. Asking the way
8. Sightseeing
9. Holiday shopping
10. Eating out
11. Problems on holiday
12. At the doctor's
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