232 : Miss Iris - the Harley Davidson cranking disaster

Miss Iris, wearing a black coat, grey top, skinny jeans and high heels, is coming back to her motorbike. It's an old Harley Davidson and she really loves it.

She also bought some very sexy extreme high heels for herself. She loves extreme high heels. She wants to show them off to her friends and she wants to brag with her new Harley. She purchased the bike only recently, after having saved for years to fulfil her dream, namely to own a Harley all on her own

She wants to feel the hair floating around by the power of the wind, so she gets on the bike, pushes the starter and the engine doesn't start! She tries again and again to start it, but it always started till today, what's the problem now?

She gives the engine some gas while starting it, but it doesn't seem to work at all! What is the issue? She starts thinking what can be the issue, but she finds none... She can only try again and again and hope it will start up...

Will she make it?
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