Kate's Hair Singeing Trim with Candle Flame - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kate visits a chic salon for a trim, but not just any trim. One that is done solely by a candle flame. But before Kate can be caped, she must wear a blue tie, which is the same color as the cape and the hair dresser's tie. After a brief hair brushing, which is to make sure that only the ends are treated by the flame, the hair dresser expertly pulls a section of hair, and twists it into a long rope. A lit candle is passed under Kate's roped hair, singeing off the split ends. A glass of water is nearby in case of an emergency. Before more is said, we must caution you that this technique should only be done by trained, professional hair dressers, as it's too easy to set the whole head aflame. After all the hair sections have been treated with the candle flame, Kate's hair is brushed to remove any burnt hairs that may have fallen back into her hair. She is then led to the shampoo bowl, where she is treated to a long shampoo to wash out any remaining burnt ends and to remove the burnt hair smell. The shampoo chair is quite lovely; it resembles almost a bed where one can relax and where one's worries can flow down the drain with the cleansing lather. Once the shampoo is finished, Kate's bra-strap long hair is brushed again and is also brushed while being blow-dried. The hot hair flowing over the paddle brush, leaves Kate's hair shiny and smooth. But that's not much of a style. Soon Kate's hair is sectioned and clipped up, and a ceiling-mounted hair dryer is turned on and lowered over her, to finish the drying process. The styling cape is soon replaced by a black comb out cape. It's time for Kate's makeup application -- a night time, going-out, dramatic look. With a bit more time under the dryer, Kate's hair is ready. Hair spray, barrel brush, and a blow-dryer help create the gorgeous, OMG!, appearance of Kate. Just before she leaves, Kat, the camera woman with pink bobbed hair and wearing a black tie, suggests that Kate removes the blue tie and puts on the red one instead. I think you will agree, red looks incredible on Kate.

Duration approx 96 minutes, screen size: 720 x 48, format .wmv
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