eBook Of Gamedogs PDF

PDF file that you can download to any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that can display PDF files. STORIES PICTURES AND PEDIGREES ON ALL THESE DOGS AND MORE!!! A Tribute To Dogman Jerry Clemmons Blanco & Ibm’s Grand Champion Aces Jackie Hall’s Grand Champion Andy Capp Champion Arangadanga & Champion Huckleberry Bloodliner’s Grand Champion Badger S&w’s Grand Champion Badger Grand Champion Banjo & Grand Champion Bb Red Hank & Junior’s Champion Barkley Winchester’s Barney Cornpone's Grand Champion Bear Bebo Goenaga 241’s Champion Benny Yankee Boy’s Champion Blondie Denny & The Dixie Line Connection’s Grand Champion Bo Malo & Marquez’ Champion Boiler Indian Bolio Boyles’ Champion Bolt Action Smig’s Champion Boogie Man Sexton’s Bubbles Stp’s Grand Champion Buck Patrick’s Bull Boy Bob Walling’s Bullyson Inland Empire’s Champion Bumper Hooten's Champion Butcher Boy Loc-tite’s Champion Caveman Vc Kennel’s Champion Chance Red’s Champion Charlie Chen Lang & Kincaid’s Champion Princess Garner’s Champion Chinaman Driller & Crp’s Champion Cooter Roc-city’s Champion Cornbread Captiol City Combine’s Champion Crunch Tudor’s Dibo Trahan’s Rascal Wilson’s Champion Digger Finkle Winkle's Dolly Hidden Hollow’s Champion Dusty Poltergeist’s Easy Boudreaux' Eli M.a.d.`s Grand Champion Gabe Mountain Man's Champion Homer Patrick’s Homer Millbuster’s Champion Homie Irish Jerry’s Champion Honeybunch Garrett's Champion Jeep Road Block’s Grand Champion Joey Nkk & Dlc’s Champion John Wayne Dog Pound’s Champion Kay & Champion Big Ignorant Patrick’s Keno Patrick’s La Bomba Boone’s Champion Lady Stone Shankbone’s Grand Champion Lionhead Little Hen Albizin’s Champion Luther Samart’s Champion Malcolm X Southern Kennels' Grand Champion Mayday Wildside’s Mean Jolene Krunch Kennel’s Champion Meister Grand Champion Melonhead Gator Boy’s Champion Mickey Gm’s Grand Champion Muddy East End Kennel’s Grand Champion Myra Cates’ Grand Champion Nigerino Mayfield’s Nigger Tito & The Local Boy’s Champion Ninja Don B.’s Champion Ninja Ksk’s Champion Nino Cedarbrook Kennels’ Nutty Buddy Costa’s & Miranda’s Grand Champion Onyx Tarheel Matt’s Panther Snakeman’s Grand Champion Pedro Sans Peur’s Grand Champion Pepper Chocolate City’s Champion Po Charlie Dead Wrawng & Jackson’s Champion Pony Boy Irish Jerry’s Champion Miss Pool Hall Red Abraham’s Grand Champion Queen Of Hearts Saint Benedict's Raleigh Stp’s Revenge Vs. Ozzie’s Champion Cholly Frio Boy’s Champion Rocco Garrett’s Ruby, K & S’s Smoothe & Mr. Z’s Tuffy Snakeman’s Champion Rush Fireman’s Champion Rusty Sonny’s Grand Champion Shep Big Al & Slingshot’s Grand Champion Shotsie Ringo’s Champion Skateboard Headhunter’s Grand Champion Solution B & W’s Champion Spice Hooten’s Spider Garner’s Grand Champion Spike Tudor’s Champion Spike Super Kennels’ Champion Super Red Jo-t’s Champion Switchblade Sofiakis’ Tank Rhk’s Champion Taz Carolina Kennel’s Champion Termite Zinetti’s Tom Cat Anderson’s Champion Tonka Ken & The A-team’s Double Grand Champion Tornado Old Fall’s Champion Tuscan Tumbleweed Fat Bill’s Two Eyes Rolling Sixty Pit’s Champion Tyra Only In America’s Champion Tyrone Gambler’s Grand Champion Virgil Irish Jerry’s Grand Champion Weehunt
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