212 : Miss Barbie having fun with her father Porsche Boxter

Please welcome the new Pedal Vamp model, Miss Barbie!

She's the twin sister of Miss Iris!
In a black dress and pink heels ... she is ready to go!

She never drove a car like that before, but she hopes she will be better than her famous sister Iris!

So, while she pumps the pedal (and you have a clear view of it thanks to a camera behind the pedals), she tries to understand how to start that thing!

But first, she has to learn the new pedals because they have a weird shape, so she starts pushing all of them so she can feel each one of them.

She then starts the car and quickly warms up the engine!

She presses the pedal hard and quick on the gas so she can hear the engine!
After a while she can smell something weird coming from the car... She immediately panic and starts getting worried...

What did she do?

She thinks it's just still too cold the car to be driven and so she continues her hard revving to warm up more the engine! Maybe that can fix the issue...

She then goes barefeet to feel more the vibrations of this powerful engine on her feet, and she wants to rev it really hard because she wants to hear all this symphony coming from the exhaust pipes!

She presses really hard on the gas to hear the engine going quickly up of revs and then slowly moving down...

Will the engine melts thanks to this sexy Miss and her rev?
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