Managerial Accounting: E3-4 Physical Flow of Units

Important Reminder!!! There might be other versions of this problem - amounts and dates have been changed - so please make sure you review and compare this tutorial to the problem in your homework. Even with different amounts, format and way of solving the problem is still the same so pleases be guided accordingly.

Managerial Accounting
Exercise 3-4. Physical Flow of Units
In each case below, fill in the missing amount.
Case #1 Work in process, October 1 5,000 gallons
Units started during October ?
Units completed during October 15,000 gallons
Work in process, October 31 2,000 gallons

Case #2 Work in process, March 1 16,000 tons
Units started during March 3,500 tons
Units completed during March 14,400 tons
Work in process, March 31 ?

Case #3 Work in process, December 1 250,000 pounds
Units started during December 900,000 pounds
Units completed during December ?
Work in process, December 31 350,000 pounds
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