Total Body Tranformation: Gym Workout Edition Ebook

Total Body Transformation: the gym edition is a 12 week fitness and nutrition program divided into 3 phases. Each phase consists of a different workout schedule to keep the body in a constant state of muscle confusion, leading to faster results. Gym workouts are my bread and butter; in order to write this program, I went back to my personal training journal to the workouts, exercise movements, and meals that helped me achieve a fit body, a happy mind, and a healthy life, so that I could share with you a wonderful jump-start program to totally transform your body.

I firmly believe if you’re not enjoying a healthy lifestyle, you’re not doing it right. I think workouts should be fun and motivating, yet challenging and result driven; similarly, meals should be creative and tasty yet healthy and nutritious. Based on all of the above components, I created this ebook for women young and old, inexperienced and experienced, unhealthy and healthy to transform their bodies and lifestyle.

When I released my first ebook, Fit For Life: the at home workout edition (a 12 week health and fitness program, I received an overwhelming response for the want of a gym version. I know the vast majority of my blog readers believe in my gym workouts due to their own success and results from using them. So, this ebook is what I like to call Fit For Life’s “sister.” Why? Well, first off – and my personal favorite part of this ebook – the workout schedule (not the actual workouts, rather the order of workouts) is the same! This enables you to use both programs simultaneously and use gym workouts on days you can get to the gym and use the home workouts for the days you want to workout from your house.

Secondly, this ebook contains so much more than just workouts; all the great extras included in Fit For Life appear in this ebook as well! My nutrition guidelines will explain how I went from anything but a clean diet to someone who enjoys healthy food. I share the guidelines I use to know how much to eat, when to eat, how to calculate macros, and so much more. I provide you a list of approved foods and sample meal plans, teaching you how to make appropriate substitutions, so that you can learn to build your own health meals for the rest of your life. See the list below for all that the program includes!

This ebook is a tool for you to use in transforming your body to one of strength and health: qualities that will transpire into feelings of confidence and happiness! Healthy living is how I was able to transform my life and it is my mission to help you accomplish the same! I am always here to help you along your journey. If you’re on Instagram, hashtag #LGTotalBodyTransformation to any and all related pictures, so we can interact together! Let's build a community of support to empower each other through positivity, experience and knowledge!

What the program includes:
-12 week, 3 phase gym workout plan
-Exercise photo guide for every movement as a visually explanation
-Nutrition Guidelines
-Grocery Shopping List
-Tasty sample meal plans
-Supplement guide
-Measuring progress tips
-Stretching guide
-Dining out tips

-Dealing with muscle soreness tips

-Tips for feeling confident in the gym
-My personal story
-Post-program success tips

What the results may look like:
-Reduced body fat
-Lean muscle and increased muscle definition
-Increased energy
-A positive self-image and outlook on life
-Self-confidence and confidence in relationships
-Better blood work and physical results (ie: cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
-Knowledge of healthy living
-Motivation to inspire others
-A foundation for leading a healthy lifestyle
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