BUS4060: u03a1 Bank Reconciliation - Floral Design Company_NOT APA FORMAT

u03a1 Bank Reconciliation

For this assignment, imagine you are the accountant for Floral Design Company and are assigned to prepare the monthly bank reconciliation. Complete this task, by using the data below:
Complete the bank reconciliation for the month of June.
Prepare the journal entries required by the reconciliation.

Floral Design Company’s bank statement for June shows the following data:
Balance on June 1 12,350
NSF check 175
Balance on June 30 14,280
Collection of note receivable 505

The cash balance per books at June 30, was $13,292. Your review of the data reveals the following:
The NSF check was from Bobble Co, a customer.
The note collected by the bank was a $500 note with $5 interest.
Outstanding checks at June 30 total $2410.
Deposits in transit at June 30 total $1752.

When complete, submit your assignment. Prior to doing so, refer to the Bank Reconciliation Scoring Guide to ensure you have met all of the criteria for the assignment. Also make sure your assignment meets the APA format guidelines (6th edition) and is free of grammatical errors.
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