AED222 Controversy of Medication

My personal opinion on medicating children for EBD and ADHD is neither pro nor con. I think it really all depends on the situation and on the severity of the symptoms. I think that there are times that it is completely necessary to have some kind of medication to help, especially when these symptoms are getting in the way of their school work and their grades are starting to slip because they can’t focus on their work. On the other hand I also think that sometimes parents are pushing for their kids to be put on medicine when I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary, and they are just doing it because they can’t handle their kids. I have seen so many times where a parent puts their kids on medicine and pushes for it because it would make “their” life easier and make it easier for them to handle their kids. I personally don’t think that this is right, and that doctors shouldn’t be putting kids on medicine no matter what unless it is absolutely necessary. I have seen kids be put on medicine for problems that they may have because of certain things but they are doing very well in school and their grades are good and they get along with their peers, but yet their parents say that they are not focusing at home or they are angry or misbehaving a lot at school.
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