077 : Miss Iris desperately cranks the old Fiat Panda

How could an classic Italian car do this to such an Italian beauty?

Miss Iris just needs to get going but the old Fiat just refuses to start for her. Looking stunning in her white dress, her tanned skin and long legs on view with black high heel sandals how could people not stop and offer assistance to her?

Stranded on the side of a busy road, traffic whizzes by, people walk past but Miss Iris is just left on her own desperately trying to get going. She looks frustrated and bewildered by the Fiats refusal to start, flooring and pumping the gas seem to make no difference, she even pumps the clutch in the hope that something may just work.

Her high heel sandals and pedicured toes keep trying in vain, she talks and pleads with the car....in English!!

Her body language and facial expressions are priceless until after nearly 14 minutes of hard cranking she is forced to accept defeat.

Filmed from multiple angles that feature, face, foot, full body, legs, key turning, etc this clip has something for all cranking fans.
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