Anahata Yoga Gentle Flow Digital Video

Anahata Yoga Gentle Flow Digital Video

Anahata Yoga is the sanskrit word for “heart chakra.” It means unhurt, unbeaten, unstruck. Anahata Yoga was developed with the purpose of bringing the students to a higher level of awareness, where they can deeply connect, expand, and awaken their hearts through the practice of asanas (Yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation as explained and demonstrated in this fifty-minute session.


“Anahata Yoga: Awakening Heart” is the best video about yoga and meditation ever made. I have been a student in Ana Costa’s classes for over two years. The good news is that this video faithfully transmits the full power and integrity of the “awakening heart” flow she originated. It is like having Ana herself in my living room and I take full advantage of it. I watch the video like a movie while I eat my meals because the visuals are so striking. Filmed on Swami’s Beach in Encinitas, California-the camera often cuts away from Ana demonstrating poses with surf in the background into the sky where a spine of pelicans go by like the seven chakras airborne. When she intones, “Dive deeply into your inner self,” the filtered camera focuses directly on the sun sparkling on ocean waves, an ocean of moving light. The audio portion, created in a professional studio in Ana Costa’s native Brazil, has a guitar and vocal score by Tomaz Lima, renowned Brazilian musician, which could stand on its own-in fact it is being released separately as a CD. This video totally transcends the dull “educational TV” aspects of most yoga videos. You will experience hatha yoga as it was meant to be-a marriage of movement and meditation. The serious spiritual tone is balanced with the humor of the outtakes at the end-filming interrupted by a surfer in the background, Anahata teachers, demonstrating the asanas, wobbling and falling out of the pose. In Navajo rugs, the weaver always leaves an imperfection as a pathway for Spirit to enter and perfect the work. Showing the behind-the-scenes difficulty of filming on a public beach adds authenticity and comic relief to this video. It’s a great ending. The playful camaraderie of Ana and her teachers clearly demonstrates this is a Yoga of Love. Like a Mozart symphony which one never tires of listening to, this film operates at the very highest level of art. I see something new each time I watch it. Simply viewing it repeatedly has improved my yoga practice. I recommend this tape wholeheartedly to anyone with an interest in yoga or meditation. I doubt a better yoga video will be made until Ana releases her second one.”

~Linda Brown, Anahata Yoga student since June 2001 and author of Journey with Beast: Poems 1972-2003.
[available in Spring 2004 from La Jolla Poets Press)

“For people working with the heart chakra, it’s very restorative. There are visual synchronicities in the video that are striking-like the green light coming down out of the sky at the beginning of the tape. The outtakes at the end of the film were enormous fun. Anahata Yoga is unique is its dimension of true spirituality.”

~A Librarian
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