RES 351 Week 3 Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 2

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RES 351 Week 3 Preparing to Conduct Business
Research: Part 2

Identify  as a
team, a company you would like to conduct Business Research. This can be a
large company such as WalMart, Google, NBC, etc., or a small local company. It
can also be a company one of you works for or has previously worked for. Please
announce your team Company in class messages, so we do not have two teams doing
the same company.

For the assignment:

  • Provide a
    brief summary describing the organization.

  • What is the
    strategic direction of the company including mission, vision, goals,
    objectives and targets?

  • What is one
    issue, opportunity, or problem facing the organization?

  • What is the
    management dilemma?

  • What are the
    research questions for the business research problem?

  • What are the
    hypotheses for the business research problem?

  • Why is this
    issue important?

  • How
    significant is finding a solution to this issue?

Please make sure you cover all the items listed
in this assignment
. Your paper should be 700 to 1,050 words
in length.

Please observe proper grammatical and mechanical
requirements throughout the paper.

The paper--including tables and graphs, headings, title
page, and reference page--should be consistent with APA formatting guidelines
and meets course-level requirements.

Click the
Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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