Digital - Kettlebell Basics Mini-Posters


The mini Kettlebell Basic posters is the complete intro to kettlebell exercises. Based off our larger kettlebell poster this version is condensed down to 8.5 x 11 inchs suitable for printing out on a desktop printer. 2 pages, 2.1 mb Please note that this is not a physical product.


Swing Double Handed
Swing Single Handed
Figure 8's
Side Press
Front Squat
Face the Wall Squat
Tactical Lunge
Bent-Over Row
The Clean
Russian Twist
Half Get Up

More info:

A whole body work-out. A regime of Kettlebell training results in an improved capacity by building strength and endurance. The design of the kettlebell makes it particularly suited for performing foundational movements that recruit major muscle groups to work together. Includes 12 Great Kettlebell execerises.
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