Episode 608: Lake Orion, Gaylord

"What the Elk Do You Know?" - On this awesome edition of UTR we bring you two more on Michigan’s top notch towns. First we float through Lake Orion and show you how the lake and the town make up one great place to be. We’ll also take you to a place where you can eat drink and even play like an Italian Aristocrat. We’ll even take you to a fantastic festival full of dragons. Then, it’s off to Gaylord where they’ve got tons of that other G words ... golfers. We’ll take you to a place that continues to make classic family vacation memories; to a cool, funky restaurant where you can also buy cool, funky stuff; and we’ll even show you an incredible elk herd you may not have heard of. Two more great towns for you to try right here on Under the Radar Michigan.
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