automated theorem

  For this assignment you will familiarize yourself with the automated theorem Prover9.  Please  download the software in         and read the guide files and  examples in      Now, consider the following information:        * Animals can outrun any animals that they eat.      * Carnivores eat other animals.      * Outrunning is transitive: if x can outrun y and y can outrun z,         then x can outrun z.      * Lions eat antelopes.      * Antelopes can outrun dogs.      * Dogs are carnivores.        Use the Prover9 program on these facts to find two specific types of animals that lions can  outrun.  Turn in your input and output file to this program on blackboard.    Use the following predicates:      eat(2 parameters)      outrun(2 parameters)      carnivore(1 parameter) 
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