IT 241 Week 2 In Your Own Words

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IT 241 Week 2 In Your Own Words
Analogies describe complex subjects in a more meaningful and understandable way. This CheckPoint provides an opportunity for you to describe principles of radio wave transmission using original analogies. Consider the following example analogies:

  • A continuous stream of water is like an analog radio wave.

  • The distinct beeps used in Morse code are like digital radio waves.

Resources: Ch. 2 & 3 of CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide
Write two separate analogies, one to describe each of the following principles of radio wave transmission:

  • Analog versus Digital Modulation

  • RF Propagation Behaviors in terms of absorption, reflection, and scattering

Use the drawing tools in Microsoft® Word to illustrate your analogy.
Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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