ISCOM 472 Week 2 Individual Article Summary

ISCOM 472 Week 2 Individual Article Summary

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 ISCOM 472 Week 2 Individual Article Summary

Research and select an article(s) from the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings. 

Summarize the article(s) you have chosen in a 350-word paper.

Explain how your selected article(s) relate(s) to two of the five Week 2 Objectives.

Week 2 Objectives: Existing Work Process:

2.1 Categorize process analysis techniques which are utilized at the various phases of process improvement.

2.2 Explain how baselining and benchmarking are vital to the change process

2.3 Identify three categories of process improvements that may be applied to organizations

2.4 Examine the benefit and importance of accurately documenting the As-Is Process.

2.5 Create an As-Is Process flowchart.

Reference the article according to APA guidelines.

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