Write a Java class named Student. .ZIP

Write a Java class named Student.

Write a Java class named Student. A Student has fields for an ID number, number of credit hours earned, and number of points earned. For example, many schools compute grade point averages based on a scale of 4.0, so a three-credit-hour class in which a student earns an A is worth 12 points. Include methods to assign values to all fields. A Student also has a field for grade point average. Include a method to compute the grade point average field by dividing points by credit hours earned. Write methods to display the values in each Student field. Save this class as Student.java. Write another class named ShowStudent that instantiates a Student object from the class you created. Compute the Student grade point average, and then display all the values associated with the Student. Save this class as ShowStudent.java. Create a constructor method for the Student class you created. The constructor should initialize each Student’s ID number to 9999 and his or her grade point average to 4.0. Write a program that demonstrates that the constructor works by instantiating an object and displaying the initial values. Save the class as ShowStudent2.java. Show comments throughout.
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