Hum 112 Week 9 Discussion Question.DOCX

Hum 112 Week 9 Discussion Question

Question 1: In chapter 37 (pp. 1228-1232) of the textbook, the author discusses the Federal support for the artsduring the Great Depression. This includes the Federal Arts Project, the Federal Writers' Project, the Federal Music Project, and the Federal Theater Project. Do you think these were good ideas during those hard times? What accomplishments of these Projects impressed you the most? If you lived then, which of these Projects would you like to work for?

In addition to the textbook, look at these two articles on this topic please:

Government helping the arts in hard times at

See also “The WPA” at

Question 2: After reading the textbook, chapter 38 (pp. 1254-1269) concerning Abstract Expressionism, and viewing the links below, discuss Abstract Expressionism in art, and the chance music of composers like John Cage. Also, what do you think of Cage’s 4” 33’?

Watch some or all of John Cage’s “4’33’" at

Last, look at "My kid could paint that";

See also

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