CMC 260 Week 7 Negotiations Brochure

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CMC 260 Week 7 Negotiations Brochure

Resources: the Brochure Builder

Consider the following:

The guidebook you are compiling for your final project
due in Week Nine will include information about selecting an effective
negotiator when conducting business in the host country. The negotiator must
represent the needs of the multinational organization for which he or she works
and must also understand the business and social customs of the host country.

In this assignment, you create a brochure to share with
potential negotiators in your imaginary situation. This brochure will become
part of your guidebook.

Create a 3- to 5-page brochure
on guidelines for negotiators using the Brochure Builder link on the student

Address the following in your

  • The
    characteristics that an effective intercultural negotiator should have

  • The behavior
    that a negotiator in your home country would have to modify to negotiate
    in your selected host country

  • Recommended
    steps to follow when negotiating in your selected host country

  • The cultural
    bases for negotiation conflict

  • Strategies
    for managing these conflicts to achieve an effective outcome.

Include graphics as appropriate.

Include at least one outside
resource, in addition to Intercultural Business Communication.

Format your brochure consistent
with APA guidelines.

Use this information to help
you complete this week’s guidebook outline.
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