MTH 215 Week 2 Grit

MTH 215 Week 2 Grit

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 MTH 215 Week 2 Grit

Create a Word document on your computer with the filename “Your_Name_GritScore”.

Grit is an important psychology term related to how persistent you are when it comes to tough times. For some people, math can be a challenge and it’s easy to want to give up. Watch the Ted Talks by Angela Duckworth and then take the survey to determine your level of grit. When you click on the survey link, you will see that the survey is voluntary. This means that when taking the survey you have the option to quit at any time. You are, however, encouraged to complete the survey in its entirety as it will help you discover your level of grit and be able to respond to the questions below.

Complete the following:




Take the Grit Survey by going tothe link on the right.


Answerthe following questions on your Word document after taking the Grit Survey: 




What was your Grit Score?


What did you find out about yourself while taking the Grit Survey?


Is there an area you need to strengthen?




Submit the completed Word document to the Assignments Files tab.

Note: Do not worry if your score is low, you can always raise it.
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