Caterpillar Forklift Truck GP15K, GP18K, GP20K, GP25K, GP30K, GP35K Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Caterpillar Gasoline and LPG Forklift Truck.

Original factory manuals for Caterpillar Lift Trucks contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, without restrictions, contains Searchable Text and bookmarks

Covered models:
    GP15K (ET31A-60001-up)
    GP18K (ET31A-85001-up)
    GP20K (ET17B-15001-up)
    GP25K (ET17B-65001-up)
    GP30K (ET13D-45001-up)
    GP35K (ET13D-65001-up)

Language: English
Format: ZIP, Contained Set of PDF Manuals:
    1. Mats and Forks Service manual, PDF, 380 Pages
            Vehicle Exterior, Models, Serial Number Locations, Dimensions, Technical Data
            Fan Belt Removal, Fan Belt Inspection, Fan Belt Adjustment
            Console Box, Combination Meter, Starter Switch (with Anti-restart Lock), Lighting Switch, Fuse Box,
            Spare Terminals, Battery Maintenance, Light Bulb Specifications, Electrical System Schematics
            Engine and Transmission
            Hydraulic Circuit, Control, Transmission Assembly, Pump Assembly, Control Valve, Testing Hydraulic Pressure,
            Adjusting Inching Pedal, Testing Clutch Valve, 10-m (33-ft) Start Acceleration Test
            Front Wheels, Front Axle and Reduction Differential, Tooth Contact Patterns and Adjustment
        REAR AXLE
            Rear Axle, Steering Cylinder, Rear Wheels, Rear Axle, Steering Cylinder, Minimum Turning Radius Adjustment
            Automatic Adjusting Device, Brake Pedal and Assembly, Master Cylinder, Wheel Brakes, Wheel Cylinders,
            Brake Pedal Adjustment, Bleeding Air Out of the Brake Fluid Line, Brake Test
            Steering System, Steering Control Valve, Tilt Steering Assembly
            Hydraulic Line, Hydraulic Tank, Hydraulic Pump, Control Valve, Lift and Tilt Cylinders, Down Safety Valve
            Simplex Mast, Duplex Mast, Triplex Mast
            Tightening Torques for Standard Bolts and Nuts, Periodic Replacement Parts, Fuel and Lubricant Specifications,
             Recommended Brands of Lubricants, Refill Capacities (Approximate)
            Plate Fin Type Radiator Kit, Fan Speed Up Kit, Radiator Coolant Level, Warning Kit, Torque Converter Oil Filter Kit,
            Radiator Net Kit, Combination Lamp and Turn Signal Switch Kit, Back Buzzer Kit, etc.
    2. Engine 4G15, 4G63, 4G64, 6G72 Service Manual, PDF, 44 Pages
    3. Engine 4G63, 4G64 Fuel System Supplement Service Manual, PDF, 247 Pages
    4. Engine 4G63, 4G64, 6G72 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement, PDF, 77 Pages
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