Dorstroy 2018 forex trading system for MT4

this forex system is a forex trading system. It is a trend following strategy so it is strongly recommended to you that you trade only in a trending market and only in the direction of the major trend. it is a simple system, anyone who has knowledge of basics of forex market and the indicators of metatrader platform can easily use this trading system to generate awesome profits. What is even more interesting is that this system has some special features which allow you to understand the sentiment of the market in a glance. On the left top corner of the chart window you can see some information about the market. You can see how much percent of the traders have sentiment of bull over the bear. And most importantly the major direction of the market is displayed on that section with bigger font size. So by looking at this information sections you save lot your time.

tihs forex indicator used in here is quite unique one. The indicator looks like moving averages but they are broken. Sometimes there appear three moving averages while sometimes only a single.
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