Francis Ford Coppola style as director

Identify and analyze the Francis Ford Coppola style as director
For the midterm essay, with a first part I’m going to Identify and analyze the Francis Ford Coppola style as director in three films. Apocalypse Now 1979, The Godfather 1972 and The Rainmaker 1997, a identify details about what do you see in this each frame in three films, how the director introducing them and showing with references to their features how the director made their movies favoring form over content and compare the composition in each films through the camera Distances and Angles, shooting style and how the director placed the camera in order to get this shot.

In the second part I will explain Capturing Light and camera movement on the screen through properties of lighting how creating contrast, Depth, texture, camera mounts, and explain how the editing and story telling evolve to give space for realism and formalism or formalistic. The explanation how the editing use of sound by analyzes the three movies, will also help understand the visual of the scene and continuity communicates.

The final part will contemplate their films text that is considered as a stamp in today’s features. I will also analyze the different subtexts readings (subtexts readings as cinema way) capitalism and feminism, Marxist, consumerism or religion.
of these three movies and there most influential movies and how they fixed the contemporary point view to communicate the meaning.

(Please look for this assignment like cinema way should everything connect with cinema, and also good opening and summary paragraph thank you)

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