Linde Electric Forklift Truck 388 Series: E35, E40, E45, E50 Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Original Illustrated Factory Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Linde Electric Forklift Truck 388 Series.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 312 Pages
Language: English

1. Introduction
     Your industrial truck
     Intended use
     Impermissible use
     Description of use and climatic conditions
     Symbols used
     Technical description
     Receivingthe industrial truck
     Legal requirements for placing on the market
     Service plan before initial commissioning
2. Safety
    Safety guidelines
    Residual risks
    In the case of tip-over
    Emergency exit with attached rear window
    Handling consumables
    Competent person
    Fit attachments
    Fork carriage emergency lowering
    Fork carriage emergency lowering for trucks with an elevated driver's compartment
3. Overview
    Identification plate
    Truck overview
    Operating devices
    Display unit
    Switch panel
4. Operation
    Instructions for running-in
    Standard equipment
    Entering and exiting the truck
    Adjusting the driver's seat
    Adjusting the steering column
    Setting the time
    Seat belt
    Switching the truck on and off
    Driving (dual-pedal operation)
    Driving (single-pedal operation)
    Steering system
    Brake system
    Joystick—Central-lever operation
    Joystick — Single-lever operation
    Emergency off switch
    Oil cooler
    Special equipment
    Adjusting the standard driver's seat and comfort driver'sseat
    Adjusting the height-adjustable comfortdriver's seat
    Adjusting the luxury driver's seat
    Adjusting the driver's seat with rotating device
    Mast positioning
    Steering angle display
    Lift height limitation
    Lifting system and attachments (single-lever operation with 3rd auxiliary hydraulics)
    Windscreen wipers
    Window heater
    Heating system
    Linde Forklift Data Management (LFM)
    Integrated charger
    Working with a load
    Before load pick up
    Adjust fork arm distance
    Load pick up
    Driving under load
    Setting down loads
    Towing device
    Before exiting the truck
    Parkingthe truck securely
    Removing the lift mast
    Driving without the lift mast
    Crane loading
    Transportation by lorry or low loading trucks
5. Maintenance
     General remarks
     Inspection and maintenance data
     Recommendationsfor consumables
     Inspection and maintenance overview
     One-off service plan after 1000 hours
     Service plan for every 1000 hours
     Service plan for every 3000 hours
     Service plan for every 6000 hours
     Checking the planetary transmissionoil level
     Checking the planetary transmission for leaks
     Changing the oil in the planetary transmission
     Chassis, bodywork and fittings
     Checking the mountings
     Cleaning the industrial truck
     Opening and closing the battery hood
     Checking the condition and correctfunction ofthe seat belt
     Check the tilt cylinder bearings for wear
     Check and oil other bearings and joints
     Other cleaning and greasing
     Filling up the washer system /watertank
     Chassis frame
     Checking the tyres
     Checking the condition of the antistatic belt
     Wheel change
     Tightening the wheel fastenings
     Cleaning and lubricating the combined axle
     Checking the drive axle heat sinks for contamination, cleaning if necessary .
     Checking the brake system
     Check bellows on joystick
     Checking and oiling the pedal group and linkage
     Checking the battery charge status
     Charging the battery
     Charging the battery using an external battery charger
     Active charging ventilation unit
     Battery replacement
     Battery replacement — truck with elevated driver's compartment
     Checking the main contactor
     Adjusting the accelerator
     Checking the condition and secure positioning of electric cables, cable connectors and connections
     Checking the oil level of the hydraulic system (hydraulic tank)
     Checking the hydraulic system for leaks
     Changing the hydraulic oil
     Checking the breather filter for leaks
     Changing the breather filter
     Checking the control unit for correct function
     Replacing the high-pressure filter
     Changing the suction filter
     Check the tension of double hoses
     Loadlift system
     Lilt mast/protection
     Tightening the lift mast/ mountings
     Lift mast — cleaning the chain and applying chain spray
     Lift mast — adjusting the chain
     Lift mast, chains, lift cylinder and end stopsChecking the mountings, condition and function
     Check fork arms and arm safety devices
     Cleaning and lubricating the sideshift (special equipment), checking the fastening . . .
     Checking the sideshift (special equipment) for wear
     Checking the slide guideson the sideshift (special equipment) for wear
     Cleaning and lubricating the fork prong positioner (special equipment), checking the mounting
     Check fork arm adjustment device (special equipment) for wear and tear
     Malfunctions during operation
     Basic equipment
     Fuses -Special equipment
     Diagnostic connector
     Shutting down the industrial truck
     Disposal of old trucks
6. Technical data
    E 35/600 Htype sheet, as at 01/2012
    E40/600 Htype sheet, as at 01/2012
    E40/600 HL type sheet, as at 01/2012
    E45/600 Htype sheet, as at 01/2012
    E45/600 HLtype sheet, as at 01/2012
    E 50/500 HLtype sheet, as at 01/2012
    E 50/600 HLtype sheet, as at 01/2012
    E40/600 L container type sheet, as at 01/2012
    E45/600 L container typo shoot, as at 01/2012
    E 40/600 Helevated driver's compartment type sheet, as at 12/2012
    E45/600 HL elevated driver's compartment type sheet, asat12/2012
    Truck configuration
    Tyre variants andrim sizes
    Load capacity diagrams
    Load capacity diagrams - elevated driver's compartment
    Lift mast data
    Lift mast data 388 series elevated driver's compartment
    Additional capacity rating plate for attachments
    Vibration characteristics for body vibrations
    Noise emission values
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