Saturday AM #48 (includes Saturday PLUS #18)

JUST TWO ISSUES UNTIL OUR LANDMARK 50th ISSUE!!Things are getting hot folks and the proof is in the newest, hottest manga comics are found Saturday AM!
#48 features PARADISE DOWN, our first new title of 2016, which includes the impressive work of webcomic veteran and PILOT Manga member (and TEST FLIGHT V.1 2016 Runner up)-- Jaime Molina!
Learn what this tale of super-powered thievery has undergone to now join the ranks of our little revolution.
Likewise, it doesn't get much better than the grandmother of our original comics titles-- SAIGAMI by superstar Andrea Otilia Voros. The mind-blowing, action-packed Initiation arc continues!
Also a BRAND-NEW INSTAGRAM DISCOVERY is here with the artist known as Nerd Prom Official!
Finally--for your PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS -- we're back -- Saturday PLUS returns for JUST THIS ISSUE.
What does that mean?
In this issue (#18) enjoy finales of LAW, HOLLOWMAN and part 2 of MONSTER BLUE!

So get ready --- it's time for Saturday AM!!
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