Kat's Bridal Roller Set, Updo, and Makeup - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Right before the wedding, a somewhat nervous Kat in her Victorian summer wedding gown has her bridal updo and bridal makeup done at Kieselbach G. in Stolzenau, Germany. Once Kat is seated in the chair, caped with a black shampoo cape, and has a wide neck strip wrapped around her neck, a shampoo bowl is moved to Kat's chair and there she is treated to a shampoo. After a quick toweling, Goldwell setting lotion is massaged through her hair. The stylist winds up Kat's hair in green and blue curlers, and she pushes over a bubble hair dryer to dry Kat's hair for approx. 27 minutes. While Kat pages through a hair book and magazines, the two stylists confer with each other about Kat's veil placement and makeup. Once the dryer time is over, Kat is caped with an orange styling cape to protect her dress. Her hair is brushed out, teased/backcombed with lots of hairspray, and pinned up into wide curls. Pins trimmed with faux pearls add the finishing touch on Kat's bridal updo. Next is Kat's bridal makeup. The older stylist expertly applies makeup on Kat, doing her powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and eyebrows. The veil is attached to the top of Kat's hair with several pins to help hold it in place. More hairspray is used. When Kat stands up to show off her hair, we see that she makes such a beautiful bride. Length: approx. 2 hours 1 minute, 1.2 GB, screen size 640x480
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