Shadow Items by Ziva

This Package Contains:
Drygore Longsword shadow main/off/drop/ints
Drygore Mace shadow main/off/drop/ints
Drygore Rapier shadow main/off/drop/ints
Seismic singularity Normal main/drop/ints
Seismic singularity shadow main/drop/ints
Seismic wand normal main/drop/ints
Seismic wand shadow main/drop/ints
Sirenic set shadow Mask, Hauberk, Chaps/drop/ints
Zaryte Bow shadow main/drop/ints (replacement of Crossbow)

By buying this package you agree to TOA
You enjoy your package, if you got a question ask on rune-server
if you bought it and cannot use it cause you did miss read ( your problem not mine)
You do not charge back saying file doesn't work for your server or whatever it works for 718+
if you edit one of the files and they get corrupt you can download again from the site for 4 times.
Do not resell or claim that this is your work give credits to me ziva when using them.
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