Successful Management MP3

10 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download

This Audio Subliminal Supplies All The Right Traits And The Attitude
Needed To Become A High Level Top Notch Manager. Listen Every Day For
21-49 Days.

Spoken InAudible Commands In Ocean Waves

I Continue To develop My Management Skills

Others Respect My Position As A Manager

My Management Style Is Firm Yet Fair

I Am Confident In My Abilities

I Am Resourceful And Clever

I Have Clear Insight Into The Know How

And What To Do

I Always Take The Best Approach

I Am A Energizing Manager

I Walk My Talk

I Value And Develop People

I Bring A Positive Attitude To Work Every Day

I Enjoy Working With My Team

I Am Successful

I Am Excellent At What I Do

I Am Confident

In Making Decisions And Taking Action

I Am A Good Communicator

Through Both My Words And Actions

I Strive To Be The Best That I Can Be

I Am Completely Sure

I Am Continuously Growing By Learning

New Things Each Day

I Am Happy And Generous

I Am Abundantly Prosperous

I Am Healthy And Well

I Am Honest In My Life And Work

I Like Myself And I Love My Work

I Am Enthusiastic About Every Thing

Related To My Work

My Performance Is Great

I Balance My Home Life With Work And Business

Everything I Do Turns Into Success

My Superiors Respect My Ability To Manage

Every Day In Every Way

I Am Getting Better At Time Management
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