130 : Miss Iris, the old Ford Fiesta ... and every cold morning!

It is a cold day at the Pedal Vamp offices! Miss Iris is all dressed up and ready to go to work.

She is wearing a sweater, skirt and high knee boots.

She goes in the car, knowing that in cold weather the Ford can't start
up very well, but she hopes this will be one of those days where it
starts pretty easily.

So she turns the keys and... the shitty car just won't start!
She continue trying, hoping that it is just the car acting up.

She even discovers that the battery isn't completely charged, so it will
be harder to start this thing up... Such a great morning!

She tries in every way to go to work with the Fiesta, she even connect
an external charger to give to the battery some juice and start it up...
But it starts, it stays running for a while and then it stalls!

What happened next? Buy the full clip and you will know it !
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