Phone Book Entries - JAVA

Goal: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate an understanding of working with Strings, while

reviewing most of the concepts completed in the first half of the course.

Problem: You are working at the phone company, AIT&T. You have been asked to create an application

that helps people find other people from a phone book. People can be added to the phone book in one

of two ways:

 They are automatically added based on pre-identified information from a file feed received from

the Association of International Telemarketers

 They are manually added based on user entry

Create an object-oriented solution that performs the following tasks:

 Allows for the entry into the phone book using pre-identified information or user input


o Names must be validated so the user does not input blank spaces for the name

o Phone numbers must be validated to fit the format: XXX-XXX-XXXX

 Prints a display of all entries in the phone book

 Allows searching entries in the phone book based on name. At this time, the search only

supports retrieval of one name, the first matching name. When an entry is found, the entry is

printed out. When an entry is not found, an error message is printed out.
application/pdf iconlab6_requirements.pdf
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