Zebra Cinematic Tools - 115 Cinematic Presets

Zebra Cinematic Tools

You will find 115 ready to use Cinematic presets for u-he zebra2 VSTi .

These sounds can also be useful in other styles like Breakbeat / IDM /

Experimental / Video game and other futuristic Styles .

1. Every sounds programmed to ModWheel and Modwheel has a large impact

on the sounds .

2. Most of the sounds are SEQ and rhythmic !

3. In this soundset also included Special ( Split and Complex ) presets

and specific distortion Sounds !

4. The primary focus of this set is on low cinematic sounds in the C1/C2 octaves

for a deep bass and powerful sound.


Demo :

1. Except for demo 5 and 6 that i used Third Party ( Heavy Metal drum ) for

distortion presets all other sound is 100% Zebra !

2. Drum sounds in other demos is a part of each presets !

3. Every piece of audio demo made by just simple presets !

Listen to demo here :


I hope you enjoy the soundsets


Payam ( Siamak ) Tavakoli


Cover Artworks by : Cyril Rolando

Zebra Cinematic Tools - 115 Cinematic Presets
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