MAT 540 QuantitativeMethodsWeek3

In determining the average repair time for the copier, I used the discrete probability distribution given.  From that distribution, I developed a simulation model for 100 repairs.  Using computer generated random numbers and the vertical lookup method, a simulation of the number of days that it would take to complete each repair was developed.  From this simulation, it was determined that the average number of days that it would take to repair the copier is 2.29 days.


Interval Between Breakdowns


Next, I needed to determine the interval between breakdowns (weeks).  To begin, I took the information from the “days to repair” component and implemented it into the second component, to find the average interval between breakdowns.  Again, I used a sample of 100 breakdowns and computer generated random numbers.  From the information given in the case study that the time between breakdowns was between 0 and 6 weeks, I used the formula (x = 6√r1) for a continuous probability distribution to find the number of weeks.  From the use of this formula, it was determined that the average time between breakdowns is 3.88 weeks.

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