Healthy Eating Printable Kit with Bonus Workout Log

Tired of not knowing how to track your wellness goals? 

This fun and easy-to-use set of printable pages is perfect for your planner or bullet journal. With the included tutorial on setting wellness goals for healthy eating and fitness, you'll be able to plan out your journey to wellness. This starter pack includes:

- A tutorial on setting SMART goals, with examples on how to break down your long-term nutrition and fitness goals into a series of short-term goals. This will reduce your frustration and help you track your progress over a period of time. 

- A reproducible food journal page will help you simplify keeping track of what you eat on a daily basis and includes space for you to write your comments. 

- A menu planning page helps you to divide and conquer healthy eating for the week, by giving you spaces to write out healthy menu and snack options as you plan for the week, which will help you and your family eat healthier foods throughout the week. 

- A shopping list, divided by food groups allows you to figure out the foods you need to make your healthy meals, so you can head to the store prepared. 

Once you purchase these pages, you can print them over and over again, and they also look great when printed in black and white ink! 
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