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Student ProjectsChapter 3: Creating Logical ER Diagrams for Student Projects


Read the sample project steps for this chapter and apply the same techniques to the student project that you are developing.

For the project you have chosen, do the following:

·       Step 3.1: Make a list of all entities and their associated attributes.Use this in your design.

·       Step 3.2: Make a list of relationships to be represented, descriptive attributes and key  fields.   Use this in your design.

·       Step 3.3: Draw an E-R diagram to represent the enterprise. Be sure to identify, cardinality and ordinality constraints,relationship participation and identifying/non-identifying relationships. Explain your notation in the Word document below your design.  

·       When finished, upload thelogical model to Pilot. Use Print Diagram to print to an image or pdf  file.   The file will be stored with your design based on the path specified under preferences.  Embed this object into a Word document.    Explain your notation in English in the Word document below your design.    

·       Step 3.4 Update the data dictionary and list of assumptions as needed.     


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